Falcon, smarter search.

a multi-platform solution to full-text browser history search


Speeds up recollection

How many times have you struggled to remember where you heard about something, or where you saw a picture? And how many times did Chrome's history search fail you... Browsers today only index history searches by page titles and URLs. Of course, there's a better way!



Whether you're viewing from your desktop, laptop, or phone, Falcon has you covered. With multiple agent types, Falcon can help you find information across a variety of mediums.


Easy to work with

With the snazzy interface of a Mac spotlight app, Falcon is super easy to interact with. One shortcut key and you're off! Find the websites and images you're looking for, quickly and painlessly.

a new way to interact with the data you use every day


Not only does Falcon allow you to search the full text of the pages you visit, but it also supports fuzzy searching. Don't sweat it if you can't remember how something was precisely spelled or phrased. Falcon's got your back. Additionally, Falcon lets you find images you've seen by searching for their semantic meanings.

Falcon: empowering individuals by bringing them closer to the data they need.
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